Sons of Norway
Ord fra Presidenten
  Freya Lodge #6-062, Santa Rosa CA

A message from the Lodge President

Velkommen til Freya Lodge, and thank you for stopping in at our web site.

Our lodge has been a part of the Sonoma County community for over sixty years, and I am honored to serve as it's President. From presenting cultural and heritage programs at our meetings, helping our community through the Adopt a School program, providing scholarships and supporting other lodges and members by contributing to the Sons of Norway Foundation, the members of Freya Lodge are making a difference. And what we do is recognized. Our lodge was again honored with both a Bronze and Silver Award for fraternal excellence from SON International, which were awarded at the 2012 District Six biennial convention.

Our social and cultural programs are created with not just a Norwegian theme, but with all Scandinavian culture in mind. It is our goal to present cultural programs of significance that reach out to all who are interested in Scandinavian culture, history and heritage. We continue to add new offerings including classes in language, genealogy, folk dancing and other areas of interest as our membership demands. Some of our members also particpate in the Sons of Norway Sports Medal Program, earning recognition for fun fitness activities. Please visit our events page to see what we are up to next.

If you live in the greater Sonoma County area, and are interested in Scandinavian culture and heritage, please come join us at one of our events to see how we are moving ahead while continuing to celebrate the heritage and traditions that are at our core. Our lodge is working to be energetic and vibrant in everything we do, offering programs and things to do for family members of all ages and we are so much more than a lodge your grandparents might have belonged to. Our lodge is also on Facebook, so you can follow us there. Look for the Facebook button here on our site.

I hope that once you've experienced some of what our lodge has to offer you will consider becoming a member of Sons of Norway. There are many benefits to membership, above and beyond the opportunity to gather with other Scandinavians in a friendly, fraternal and supportive environment.

Again, mange takk for visiting and I hope to see you at Norway Hall very soon.

Med vennlig hilsen,

Marne Olson
Lodge President
Norwegian flag