Sons of Norway
  Freya Lodge #6-062, Santa Rosa CA


The bunad is the traditional Norwegian costume and it has many distinctive regional styles. The bunad is another aspect of Norwegian culture and heritage that is celebrated by many Sons of Norway members. Taken at the 97th Anniversary dinner for Bjornstjerne Bjornson Lodge of Oakland, district and local officers in this photo include:

- District Six Secretary Carol Lee Solheim (second from left)
- Vikings of Lake Lodge President Mary Beth Ingvoldstad (fourth from left)
- District Six Zone Two Director Carl Ingvoldstad (fifth from left)
- District Six President Janie Kelly (fifth from right)
- Past SON International President Penny Joseph Knudsen (fourth from right)
- District Six Vice President Lyle Berge (third from right)
- Freya Lodge Membership Secretary Pamela Stutrud Groth (far right)


Norwegian flag